How to cook food for a cat

How to cook food for a cat

The choice of food for a cat is very big today - it is also canned meat with various additives, and dry feeds. Some owners prefer to prepare a forage for the pets. However when cooking for cats it is necessary to consider some features of their organism.

It is required to you

  • For cutlets:
  • – 1 kg of crude low-fat beef;
  • – 200 g of cheese;
  • – 250 g of cabbage;
  • – 4 pieces of potatoes;
  • – 1 pieces of carrots;
  • – 4 eggs;
  • – 1 glass of oat-flakes.
  • For soup:
  • – on 200 g of low-fat beef and chicken fillet;
  • – 150 g of the green frozen siliculose beans;
  • – 150 g of oat-flakes.


1. Never you feed catwith pork, mutton, smoked products, fat, sweet, salty, any spices, seafood. Husk a bird since it is not digested. In order to avoid injuries of internals you do not feed a cat with bones. Offer fish only boiled, selected from bones, is not more often than 1 time in 2 weeks. At the same time choose low-fat grades, for example, a haddock, a cod, a pollack. Do not add to a forage to a cat eggplants at all, they cause poisoning.

2. Give to a cat low-fat fermented milk products every day, for example, skim cheese, 1.5% kefir, yogurt without additives. For a change periodically offer animal 10% sour cream and fermented baked milk. Milk needs to be excluded.

3. Give preference to raw vegetables – carrots, squash, cucumbers, a green salad, cabbage. From grain boiled oat-flakes, buckwheat and rice are good for a cat.

4. Make cutlets for a cat. Boil potatoes, carrots, eggs. Choose cheese not sharp and low-fat. Miss all ingredients, except oat-flakes. via the meat grinder. Carefully mix with grain. Create small balls and remove in the deep freeze. Get as necessary, throw in boiled water and you cook until cutlets do not emerge.

5. Fill in beef, chicken, haricot and oat-flakes with water and you cook about half an hour after boiling. Instead of siliculose haricot it is possible to use a cauliflower, squash. At joint boiling, vegetables and grain will become impregnated with aroma of meat broth.

6. Cool ready soup. Cut meat with small pieces. Shake up boiled vegetables and oat-flakes in the blender. Mix all ingredients, warm up on fire no more than 5 minutes, cool and place in the fridge. Such cream soup can be cooked once a week.

7. You store ready natural food for a cat in the fridge or freeze a la carte. Surely add to food vitamin fertilizing, depending on age of an animal, problems with health. Put houses special house conditions food has to consist not less, than on 2/3 of proteins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team