How to cool an aquarium

How to cool an aquarium

Every summer before owners of aquariums there is one problem – how to arrive when water in an aquarium heats up to 30 degrees. It is known that similar temperature can be pernicious for the majority of species of fish. So to do?


1. Too high temperature of water in an aquarium is dangerous that the solubility of oxygen in it decreases while the content of harmful carbon dioxide increases. In addition decomposition of organic matter happens in superheated water quicker, and it can also cause poisoning of inhabitants of an aquarium. Pay attention that not all fishes can transfer sharp temperature increase of water, many can receive heatstroke. Also overheating has negative impact on operation of the aquarian equipment as various filters and a pomp are not equipped with own cooling system, they are cooled by means of the water which is passed through themselves, superheated water often becomes the reason that they fail. As to cool water in an aquarium during a strong heat? Sposobov exists a little, and everyone has the advantages and shortcomings.

2. Use special coolers for aquariums. Such devices are reliable and do not consume a lot of electric power. However pay attention that they have minuses. They very expensive (also do not count on the sum less than 500 c.u.), the aquarium of the big sizes will demand existence of several devices that means fabulous expenses. Besides many of similar devices I work only on condition that ambient temperature does not rise above 35 °C that at an abnormal heat during the summer period does them just useless. In addition these devices are not equipped with own cooling systems, so, you should cool the device (most often by means of the fan).

3. Try to use so-called "antiquated" ways for cooling of aquariums. For example, daily change a part of water in an aquarium. Take a part of heated-up water and replace it with colder, thereby the general water temperature in an aquarium will go down. In the most started cases replace to a half of all water in an aquarium.

4. Way second (even more effective). Place bags of ice in an aquarium. The main thing, make sure that the container with ice is well closed, if there is a leakage, fish can die in view of sharp overcooling. Put packages of ice in the most seldom visited corners of your aquarium as the contact of fish with a package can end it is deplorable. Change packages of times at 5-6 o'clock. And one more council. During a strong heat you hold a cover of an aquarium opened, so evaporation of water will help to reduce water temperature. If you hold the so-called jumping small fishes, then cover an aquarium with a grid with small cells (small that fish in them did not get stuck).

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