How to correct a bite at dogs

How to correct a bite at dogs

Rather often owners of thoroughbred dogs face an unpleasant problem – the wrong bite. This shortcoming leads to the fact that the dog cannot participate in exhibitions and competitions, and future puppies will not receive documents. How to cope with a problem?


1. Approximately through month after the birth of a puppy show it to the orthodontist and define whether there are violations of a bite. The age of an animal is less, the it is simpler to correct a shortcoming. Further it is necessary to repeat survey not less once a year.

2. To avoid problems with a bite, do not give to puppies as toys various rubber stones, toffees and other similar objects. Such things become a cause of infringement of development of teeth, especially at dogs of dwarfish breeds.

3. If you noticed a lack of the structure of teeth and a bite at a dog, at once resolve an issue whether your favourite will participate in exhibitions and whether you want to sell thoroughbred puppies. If the show career is not supposed, it is possible to leave everything as is. The insignificant shortcoming, as a rule, does not prevent an animal to eat fully, and treatment extremely unpleasant and expensive. Often the problem is hereditary therefore your dog will not participate in cultivation anyway.

4. If you decided nevertheless to begin to treat a dog, address the veterinary orthodontist. In each case the treatment is selected individually.

5. Installation of special orthodontic plates can become method of treatment. Learn from the veterinarian, than it is better to feed an animal during their carrying and as long they cannot be removed. Plates will cause to a dog pain and feeling of discomfort, during treatment treat the favourite as it is possible more tenderly and more friendly. The doctor can also advise massage of jaws. This method brings much less unpleasant feelings, but also the efficiency at it is lower. Food during treatment has to be rich with phosphorus and calcium which will strengthen teeth. After removal of plates any expert will not establish that your animal had problems with a bite.

6. In order to avoid emergence of violations in due time extract milk teeth. It is better to do it in clinic, but it is also possible to call the veterinarian on the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team