How to count age of a cat

How to count age of a cat

Usually age of cats if it is unknown, owners measure "by eye". But to define how many actually years for a cat it is not difficult at all, it is enough to know her biological features.


1. On sexual a sozrevaniyusamy simple method of definition. Usually puberty happens to 7-9 months. Though, in favorable conditions many cats ripen also by 6 months.

2. On zubammetod more difficult, but exact. It is possible to recognize age by teeth of both an adult cat, and a little kitten. Look narrowly at the pet more attentively, in particular, pay attention to front teeth cutters. If their krone with an uneven edge and also if the surface is erased evenly, then the cat is 6 years old. In 10 summer age at a cat teeth begin to drop out is it is easy to notice. If to consider more precisely, then: - in 1 month – at a cat milk teeth are cut through; - in 2 months – dairy teeth are replaced by constants; - by 1.5 years – deleting of the central lower cutters; - by 2.5 years – deleting of average lower cutters; - in 3.5 years – the top central cutters are subject to deleting; - by 4.5 years – average top cutters are erased; - 5 years – occur deleting on canines; - 6 years – are erased extreme top cutters; - in 7-8 years – there are changes of cross ovally rubbing surface at the central and average lower cutters; - 9 years – happen the same to the top cutters; - by 10-12 years – the central cutters drop out; - by 12-16 years of life the cat loses already all cutters; Determining the age of a cat on teeth, it is necessary to consider conditions of her life. Deleting of cutters happens more slowly and teeth drop out later if the cat lives in favorable conditions.

3. Years of a cat and chelovekapytayas to correlate age of a cat and the person, take a proportion 7 to 1, i.e. multiply age of a cat by seven, receiving a measure of human age. It's not true. Years of a cat and the person can be correlated to each other, but the calculation method will be various every year. So 15 lived years of the person it is only 1 year of life at cats. The second year of life of a cat is 24 years of human life. From three-year age and to 12 years annually it is necessary to add for 4 years. T.e in 12 years at recalculation on human age the cat will be 64 years old. Further each next year after 12 will be equal to three years of human life. So, the old age of a cat comes after 8 years. But at careful leaving and feeding your pet can please you 12-16 years.

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