How to create nursery of cats

How to create nursery of cats

If you love cats and want to earn additionally a little – open cat's nursery. At all possible difficulties of cultivation of thoroughbred cats such nursery pretty fast pays off and does not demand licensing or the state registration when opening. What to begin to future cat's manufacturer with?


1. Decide what cat breed you will breed. When scheduling work of nursery surely consider all possible overhead costs and terms of realization of posterity, get acquainted with conditions of keeping of the chosen breed.

2. If you have no special knowledge of a felinologiya, end special courses at club of fans of cats who are in each city. Become the member of such club and pay membership fees. Upon termination of courses submit the application for opening of nursery. If you chose the unique name for the "cat's plant", then within a week the experts from the International association of clubs of fans of cats will give it the official status.

3. Attend several exhibitions of cats and choose suitable producers for the nursery or address breeding manufacturers to buy thoroughbred animals.

4. Choose the room for nursery. It can be also the ordinary spacious apartment, however if neighbors in a staircase against such option, it is better not to argue with them, and to rent specially equipped room where it is possible to create all conditions for cultivation of cats.

5. Buy all necessary goods for nursery: forage, cages, trays, cat's leads and collars. Buy medicines in a vetapteka. Sign the contract with clinic for periodic re-examination of your wards, vaccination, obstetrical services.

6. Decide how you will make out sales of kittens. If you plan to sign the contract of purchase and sale with the client, then such income will be assessed with a tax. In case of execution of the contract of donation or transfer of rights to property you also should pay a tax. However at the oral arrangement with the client on transfer of kittens, you will lose the right for material compensation for expenses on cultivation of an animal in case of the discrepancies with standards of breed revealed subsequently by the buyer.

7. Actively participate in exhibitions of cats at which you will be able not only to show results of the work on animal husbandry with pride and to receive well-deserved rewards, but also to come into necessary contacts with colleagues and future customers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team