How to cure a cat

How to cure a cat

Each kotovladelets has to know the most typical symptoms of cat's diseases and several regulations of cat's ""ambulance"".

It is required to you

  • Cat's first-aid kit. Probiotics. Vitamins and dietary supplements (for example, it is gray). An immunostimulator (according to the recommendation of the veterinarian). Antiviral medicine. Drops for washing of a nose and eyes. Anti-parasitic medicines. Powder for processing of open wounds. Syringes.


1. Not to play for time! The person can bring a viral infection literally on soles of street footwear. The disease can be slow, ""greased"", and can develop promptly when the animal ""burns down"" just per day. On average the hidden period of a disease lasts 3-5 days. After the disease was shown, treatment needs to be begun in the first day. At cats a metabolism many times quicker, than at the person. To leave the animal sick with panleukopenia, ""to rest in bed"" for couple of days - all the same that to throw the person of the patient with typhus for a week or two. Each kotovladelets has to have a business card with the mobile phone of the veterinarian. And not one is better.

2. To hold a first-aid kit of cat's ""ambulance"". That the animal did not litter a stomach with wool, it is regularly given malt-paste or a probiotics. The last can be in the form of powder or tablets - ferments for yogurt (tablets are thrown into a glass of low-fat milk and put for 12 hours to the dark warm place). It is periodically necessary to send parasites: worms, ear pincers and fleas. It is impossible to give anthelminthic medicines to the weakened or recently had animal.

3. To learn to give injections. It actually can save life to an animal, but at the same time it is necessary to understand that the amateur enthusiast can do more harm, than advantage. Therefore veterinarians advise the beginners or people who are not concerning medicine to hold houses the most harmless and at the same time professional medicines - Fosprenil (antiviral, natural origin) and ""Gamavit"" (an immunostimulator plus vitamins of group B that is especially relevant in case of panleukopenia). In case of a viral infection if there is no opportunity immediately to call the veterinarian, under withers do to a cat 1-2 ml Fosprenila and 1-2 ml Gamavita. Medicines can be done at the same time, but only not in one point. As a last resort, them it is possible to vypaivat an animal, the dosage is written to instructions. Fosprenil wash out eyes and a nose.

4. If the animal swallowed a foreign subject (bone, a string, a piece of paper, an elastic band), it is worth translating its broths, sour-milk, it is possible to give sunflower or olive oil. You should not give a dry feed or firm food. And it is impossible to pull out independently an elastic band or a string from back pass at all or to do to a cat an enema! It is possible to injure intestines strongly. It is important to remember that the best treatment is a prevention!

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