How to cure a dog of fleas

How to cure a dog of fleas

Fleas at dogs are got for several reasons. The most widespread - close contact with street dogs. However fleas can get on a dog during walk or the owner on the footwear can bring them to the house. It is possible to get rid of the biting insects in the various ways.

How to define whether is at a dog of a flea

Before beginning treatment, it is necessary to make sure that fleas really are present at a dog. Insects are soaked up in skin of an animal therefore raschesa and ulcers have to become the first signals for fear. The domestic dog becomes irritable, constantly tries to catch something in the teethalso scratches wool. It is enough to check an underfur, having moved apart it fingers in several places to see the black or brown small insects who are quickly running across between hairs.

Fleas can deliver to the pet not only discomfort, but also to become the cause of serious infectious diseases. Before application of any means from fleas, it is better to undergo consultation at the expert.

Collar and shampoo from fleasThe collar from fleas is an effective remedy of protection against parasites, but as medicine it cannot be used. Such measures of prevention use for the puppies healthy or the cured animals. The main advantage of a collar from fleas is its rather long period of action – from 3 months to one year. Similar situation with shampoos. Means helps to impregnate hair of a dog during washing with the special components preventing appearance of fleas. However treatment by shampoo can not help, or several repetitions will be required. To try to bring fleas it is possible the complex strengthened protection. For example if at the same time to process hair of a dog shampoo, spray from fleas and at the same time to put on her a special collar.

Drops and sprays from fleasThe most effective remedies of treatment of fleas at a dog are drops and sprays. Substance drip or spray in the field of animal withers, and then carefully rub. Medicines begin to work almost instantly. The main advantages of drops and sprays from fleas it is possible to call harmlessness for an animal, fast impact on parasites, convenience of application, lack of allergic reactions and providing the maximum period of protection. Most of experts recommend to apply drops and sprays from fleas in a complex. Thereby disappearance of fleas is carried out quickly and effectively.

After processing of hair of dog drops, sprays and solutions the most part of fleas perishes in the first day, and more resistant parasites – within 2-3 days.

Special solutions from fleasFrom fleas very often apply the special solutions produced in small tubes or ampoules to the maximum processing of hair of dog. The essence of such treatment is that at dissolution of substance in a certain amount of water and processing by structure of a body of a dog, means not only kills attendees of fleas, but also prevents their further emergence. Solutions should be applied carefully. Hands and a human body during the procedure have to be protected. Before full drying of wool with a dog it is better not to contact and remove far away her toys.

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