How to cure an urolithic disease at a cat

How to cure an urolithic disease at a cat

Urolithic disease – a serious disease which cats of all breeds often are ill. It is expressed in a metabolic disorder in an organism of an animal and is followed by inflammation of an urinogenital system, formation of stones in kidneys and an urethra. In the absence of competent treatment can lead to a lethal outcome.

The urolithic disease at cats results from improper feeding, inflammatory processes in kidneys and urinary tract, a hormonal imbalance in an organism, anatomic features of the urethral channel or pathology of a digestive tract. This disease can be also a consequence of an inactive way of life or have hereditary character.

As soon as the cat begins to behave restlessly, to suffer from lack of appetite and to go often to a toilet, having at the same time painful feelings, it is necessary to address to a rhinestone the veterinarian. If not to make it, the disease will begin to progress, in urine there will be blood, spasms will begin, vomiting and a cat can die of organism dehydration.

The independent choice of treatment of an urolithic disease can lead to negative consequences as only the doctor can correctly appoint medicines, proceeding from that, stones of a what type are present at an animal organism – struvita or oxalates. And it is possible to make it only after performing blood test and urine. Treatment of this disease is individual and directed to knocking over of pain, kidney kolik and removal of inflammatory process. Usually write out spazmolitichesky means and antibiotics ("Gentamycin", Disparkam and others). If there is no urination, do a kateterization. Also apply homeopathic remedies, for example, Apis, "Magnesia", Kantaris and others. It is useful to give to a cat such herbs and plants decoctions as a plantain, cowberry (leaves), a bearberry. At treatment of an urolithic disease the great value is given to a diet which consists in consumption of forages of plant origin (porridge) and dairy products. Often veterinarians I recommend to exclude a dry feed, meat and fish from an animal diet. The urolithic disease which is had in a sharp form often passes into a chronic disease. Therefore to exclude its repeated emergence, it is necessary to carry out prevention of a disease. It includes the correct selection of the forage which is surely enriched with vitamins, active lifestyle, consumption of a large amount of water and decrease in excess weight of a cat.

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