How to cure cold to a kitten

How to cure cold to a kitten

Such at first sight frivolous illness as cold, can cause a set of inconveniences to a kitten. Besides, cold can be a symptom of any disease or a consequence of an allergy. It is impossible to treat health of the fluffy pets scornfully.

It is required to you

  • - drops for animals;
  • - broth of eucalyptus leaves;
  • - juice of boiled beet.


1. At first you have to find out what became the cause of cold: cold, other disease or allergy. If your kitten was on cold or a draft, most likely, cold was caused by cold. The behavior of the pet almost does not change. In this case the kitten feels well, in general his state is not worse, than usually.

2. For treatment of this sort of cold use special drops for animals or children's drops on an oily base. Duration of reception of drops - 7-10 days. In case cold has virus origin, the kitten will shake the head and to scratch a nose.

3. Look narrowly at allocations from a nose. At a viral disease they at first watery, and become then mucous. Do to a kitten inhalation of steam of broth of eucalyptus leaves. For this purpose cover his head and a nose of a teapot with a towel or a napkin. But do not burn the kid with too hot steam, let's broth stand.

4. Fill hot sand in a small sack and apply to area of a nose of a kitten. It will warm up the sick site. It is necessary to do similar procedures two or three times a day. At severe cold wash a cavity of a nose of a kitten of 0.5-1% with solution of sulfate of zinc or 2-3% solution of boric acid.

5. Instead of these medicines you can use 1% salt solution. For good result wash the nose courses with juice of boiled beet. You enter five or six drops of an ekmonovotsillin which needs previously to be parted with physiological solution 1 to 2 into each nostril of a kitten.

6. Care for a kitten, you keep him in the warm and do not release on the street. If the pet's temperature strongly rose (40 degrees), bring him to the veterinarian, otherwise there can be complications. At allocations from one nostril it is also necessary to show a kitten to the doctor. It can be a new growth symptom in nasal pass.

7. At allergic reaction at a kitten to something find an irritant, eliminate it. Your pet should undergo special inspection then the veterinarian will appoint treatment.

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