How to cure deprive at a cat in house conditions

How to cure deprive at a cat in house conditions

Deprive - it is a kind of a fungal disease which affects skin and indumenta of an animal. Cats can be infected with a virus by the fellows or at contact with the infected objects. Deprive can arise also at the pet's owner therefore it is necessary to contact to a cat as little as possible. After implementation of procedures of treatment it is necessary to wash thoroughly hands and to change clothes.

What is deprive and as it is shown

The main sign depriving at a cat the emergence of high temples is. The affected skin can redden, be shelled and become covered by small rash at the same time. Wool drops out pretty fast therefore high temples not only extend on all body, but also increase in volume. In certain cases deprive is followed by an itch therefore the cat constantly tries to scratch or lick an affected area.

Depriving treatmentRemember the important rule – if your pet was infected it is deprived, then to you it is necessary not only to treat a cat, but also to carry out regular procedures of processing of all the apartment. Presence of a fungus on home decoration several times will slow down process of treatment of an animal. Deprive it is possible to treat special antifungal ointments. They process all high temples, and gradually affected skin ceases to itch, accepting a natural shade. After a while wool begins to grow. Pay attention that before use of ointment wool on the affected skin should be shaved or removed by means of scissors. More serious method of treatment of an animal are special medicines. For example, Ketokonazol and Intrakonazol are considered as the most effective. Powder mixes mix to the pet with food. Dosages, as a rule, are specified in the enclosed instructions. If you decide to cure deprive by means of brilliant green or iodine – your method not only will not bring effect, but also will prolong sufferings of a cat. These substances are absolutely passive at fungal diseases. Grizeovulfin is universal medicine which suits all cats. It is often appointed to kittens, pregnant cats and pets of old age. If the cat was infected it is deprived during pregnancy, then it is necessary to treat her with special attention. The address to the veterinarian will become an optimal variant. Otherwise you can lose the expected posterity.

Diagnostics depriving

To diagnose deprive independently very difficult. You can hope for experience, knowledge or to save the money, self-medicating a cat. However to establish the fact exactly depriving it is possible only by means of numerous researches. The veterinarian will take necessary analyses from an animal, will make crops of fungal culture and to make the exact diagnosis. Besides, only the experienced expert can appoint really effective treatment. With we deprive it is possible to mix a set of diseases. Only trying to cure one disease, you can not attach significance to possible complications. Deprive - a dangerous disease which can be transmitted to all members of your family.

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