How to cure paw suppuration at a cat

How to cure paw suppuration at a cat

Sometimes there is a need to render the emergency help to a cat, and there is not always an opportunity to deliver an animal to the veterinarian. In this case it is possible to help the favourite independently. It is important not to miss the moment when the paw swells twice and not to finish a common scratch and stings which quickly begin to live after processing by iodine, to gangrene. Ikhtiolovy ointment does not help with such cases, and it is that case when the cat refuses food and drinks much. Then it is better not to lose minutes because the cat can be burned with temperature of all in a day.


1. Wipe with cotton wool with alcohol paw wound.

2. The ordinary syringe on 2.5 cubes exhaust pus from a wound. Abscess on a paw at the same time is absolutely insensitive therefore the paw should not be cut away novocaine. The ordinary syringe exhausts pus better, than insulin.

3. Make a cut a scalpel of 0.5 cm (or a small new stationery knife) on abscess. The cat at the same time feels nothing and does not escape at all though it is desirable that someone held an animal for withers and hinder legs.

4. Blot pus with cotton wool and fill in with peroxide of hydrogen and chlorhexidiny.

5. Gather ointment levomekol the ordinary syringe on 2.5 cubes (without needle) and enter into a wound cavity.

6. Impose a cotton tampon, tie bandage and from above impose the self-fixed bandage. Check that the animal kept a bandage at least 1 hour.

7. Wipe area of withers with alcohol (menovaziny), having delayed a shkirka and the insulin syringe stick 0.5 cubes of an antibiotic amoxicillin, previously having distilled all excess air from the syringe. For this purpose put the syringe a needle up, knock on the syringe and wait until air leaves and liquid will go. If to prick not the insulin, but ordinary syringe, then to a cat it will be very sore, he will escape, shout and bite. If not to process alcohol the place of a prick, it can fester. If not to distil air from the syringe, there will be bruise. If not to delay a shkirka, it is possible to touch a muscle and to a cat it will be very sore. This prick - perhaps, the most painful part of the procedure if not to meet all conditions.

8. In 48 hours stick 0.5 more cubes of amoxicillin.

9. Do bandaging of a wound once a day: process chlorhexidiny and smear levomekoly area of a wound and tie up. Peroxide of hydrogen do not process, and 2-3 days can be wiped with iodine. For the 4th day the wound completely will drag on.

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