How to cut a fluffy cat?

How to cut a fluffy cat?

Long and fluffy wool makes a cat very beautiful. However in hot season it can disturb an animal. The cat will fade, bringing upon you additional trouble. Try to cut the pet - if it is correct to make it, process will not give to an animal any inconvenience.

We choose a hairstyleMost often the Persians possessing long, fluffy and soft wool are exposed to a hairstyle. But this procedure will do good to any dlinnoshersty cats. The summer option assumes replacement with the smooth and velvety wool falling fur coats to a floor on all body. The most popular option - a hairstyle under a lion - it leaves a fluffy mane around a muzzle and an amusing brush on a tail.

Be not afraid for hair of a cat - the hairstyle does not harm it at all. In two-three months the fur coat will grow, and in certain cases it turns out even more magnificent.

As it is correct to cut a catBefore starting creation of a fashionable hairstyle, a cat it is necessary to wash up. Use only special animals shampoo - the means intended for human hair are not suitable for a cat's fur coat. If your pet has snow-white, black or bluish-gray wool, choose the special tinting shampoos removing undesirable reddish or yellowish subtone. Part a portion of shampoo in warm water. Put a cat in a bathtub and carefully moisten wool with water. Then water an animal with the divorced shampoo and hands shake up foam. Rinse a cat with warm water, carefully removing detergent. Wipe the pet a terry towel. You dry wool, combing it a rare crest. Do not use the hair dryer - the majority of cats do not transfer its noise. Having dried up wool, start a hairstyle. In advance prepare scissors and crests not to distract. For a hairstyle sharp scissors with roundish tips are necessary - they well cut wool and will not be able to wound skin of an animal. Stock up with a thin hairbrush on the long handle and a crest for comb-out of koltun.

It is convenient to cut a cat together with the assistant. It will hold an animal, and you will be able to process wool, without being afraid that the pet will escape.

Carefully comb hair of a cat. Begin a hairstyle with withers. Carry out by a hairbrush against wool and shear the hairs which appeared over hairbrush teeth. Repeat reception and you do not hurry - the you will take less hair, the accurater the hairstyle will turn out. Your task is to create a smooth velvety surface. Having processed a back and sides, pass to a paunch. It is especially difficult site - cats are very sensitive to touches to a stomach. Be tender with the pet and softly hold him. It is possible to offer an animal delicacy, to talk to it. If you were tired, release a cat and finish the procedure later.

Special machines for a hairstyle will help to accelerate the procedure. If your cat quietly transfers their hum, use this adaptation.

In the last turn it is necessary to cut paws and a tail. On a tip of a tail leave a small brush and scissors cut off long hairs so that to give it a type of a roundish pompon. Straighten a mane around a muzzle and on a breast. At the same time comb out the found koltuna - fluffy cat's wool easily falls down. In conclusion moisten hands and carry out by them on a cut trunk and paws - on palms there will be smallest hairs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team