How to cut nails to a Yorkshire terrier

How to cut nails to a Yorkshire terrier

When walks on solid soil are not enough, claws at dogs grow very quickly. To avoid problems with injuries and growing of claws, they need to be cut regularly. Decorative dogs need it throughout all life.


1. It is the most convenient to cut claws to small doggies special kogterezky for cats and small dogs. If such is not present, then it is possible to use manicure nippers. Record a dog on a lap or by means of the assistant.

2. Take a kogterezka in the right hand, and left a forepaw of a dog. Slightly press a forefinger over a big small pillow that it was more convenient to distinguish fingers. At dogs of a light color it is well visible a vascular part of a claw, but you should be guided only on length.

3. An edge of a kogterezka or nippers arrange almost perpendicular to a claw, with a small inclination outside, the cut then is parallel to a sole. At excessively grown nail it is necessary to cut off about a quarter are long, two thirds its "live" if to cut off superfluous, then to a dog it will be sore and blood will begin to flow. Cut off too long or twirled claws in stages, on 1-2 millimeters because a vascular part in them can be more usual.

4. Repeat the procedure with other claws on forepaws. Do not forget about the fifth finger - it is located slightly above the others on inside of forepaws. Hinder legs process similarly. Claws on them grow more slowly and it is possible to cut them less often, and to cut off less, than on lobbies. It is normal of the fifth finger on hinder legs is not present.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team