How to cut off nails to a dog

How to cut off nails to a dog

The owner of dogs it is necessary to know that untrimmed claws can cause a great deal of trouble to your pet. Such claws can begin to be turned and grow into soft tissues of paws and, as a result, to become the cause of an infection. At dogs with the long raw claws the gait and coordination is broken that, in turn, can lead to an overload of joints of paws and even to dislocation. It is recommended to cut off nails to a dog at least once a month.

It is required to you

  • - kogterezka;
  • - disinfecting solution;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - largely abrasive file;
  • - styptic means


1. Choose and buy the tool for a hairstyle kogteydlya hairstyles of claws from dogs it is recommended to use the special tool, acquired in veterinary shops. Can be Kogterezki in the form of the guillotine or in the form of scissors. Scissors are recommended to be used for a hairstyle of claws dogsof small breeds or puppies. The guillotine will be suitable for animals with rigid and thick claws. Pay attention to sharpening of the tool and to that, its handles are how convenient. It is necessary to remember that to use cuticle scissors for a hairstyle of claws absolutely inadmissibly. Using the similar tool you can damage and bend a nail plate of an animal.

2. Carefully wash up paws of a dog and disinfect them special solution. It will allow to avoid hit of an infection in case of cuts.

3. Depending on the size of a dog, seat her on a floor or take on hands. Try to define where the kogtevy bed - sensitive fabric with blood vessels is located. If your dog has white claws, you will be able easily to determine it by color. A dead part of a nail will be white, and a kogtevy thin skin - pink. If at a dog black claws it is possible to try to light on them a lamp or a small lamp to consider arrangement of a blood vessel.

4. Accurately cut off a nail of a dog, trying not to damage a kogtevy bed. It is recommended to cut off a nail small pieces, at an angle in 45 degrees. After every time attentively examine a claw.

5. If you touched a blood vessel, process a nail styptic means and apply to it a cotton pad.

6. Accurately file the acute angles of a claw formed later hairstyles by means of a special file.

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