How to decide on lulling to slip of a sick animal

How to decide on lulling to slip of a sick animal

Lulling to slip of a sick animal is a hard decision for owners, to make a similar choice happens very difficult. Every time there is a wish to delay this step, to hope that the animal still can be saved by means of drugs.


1. It is very painful to the loving owners to watch a disease and gradual fading of the pet. It is especially difficult to see how animals suffer from pain, cease to eat, quietly lie for days on end and sadly sigh. With the pets the person lives many years, gets used to them as to the family and therefore know that they so suffer and will soon die, it is very heavy. Even if necessary treatment is carried out or the animal is given anesthetics, it is impossible to stretch his life eternally. Unfortunately, favourites of the person have quite short age of life, and a disease also reduce it. Therefore during life of an animal it is necessary to remember that once you should say goodbye to it.

2. When the animal is ill and there is a question of lulling to slip, do not think of the feelings and emotions, mentally get up to the place of an animal. Imagine that this defenseless creation cannot neither tell, nor show where hurts it. The best that it can do - it is quiet and silent to endure pain which accrues every day. To play, is, the sick animal can normally walk any more. And the person sometimes is not able to help the pet to cope with the illness. Whatever strong was the love for an animal, kind of the owner cared for him, in fauna, as well as in the world of people there are incurable diseases. And it means that the animal who gets sick with such disease all the same will die, but only to his owner to decide how it will be: painfully and hard or after a liberating prick.

3. If the doctor says that the animal long all the same will not live, but all this time will suffer from pain, it is necessary to accept this situation, to reconcile to loss and to decide on lulling to slip. For you, maybe, also matters how many to you still to be with an animal - day or week, but for it each excess day can be only the continuation of its torture which is not bringing to already any joy. Wonder, you that your expensive being suffered would like, his natural end will not come yet? Of course, it is cruel to sign here so to the pet the death sentence, but for it it will be disposal of tortures, and it is the most important also for you, as for the person who sincerely wants good to the favourite.

4. When you decide on lulling to slip, it is worth thinking where it is better to carry out the procedure: to carry an animal to veterinary clinic or to call the doctor on the house. Of course, in clinic the procedure will be more sterile, but unfamiliar smells and people can frighten a sick being. In a house situation with it there will be his dear people, familiar smells which will calm an animal and will help it easier to leave this world.

5. Surely specify at the doctor whether he will enter sleeping pill. The fact is that the deadly prick in itself will paralyze all bodies of an animal and it just chokes with impossibility to inhale air. It is painful death which the loving owners will never wish to expensive being. But if before a deadly prick to enter somnolent, then the animal just falls asleep and does not feel paralysis.

6. The death of a pet is a big stress for owners therefore if you did not reconcile to its leaving in advance, did not prepare themselves for such end and very much worry, it is the best of all to ask for several days compensatory leaves at work. Animals though are as expensive as people, but are considered as full members of family so especially impressionable owners at first cannot normally think and do not realize all events around, becoming isolated on the grief. At this time some time is the best of all to stay at home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team