How to define a disease of a cat

How to define a disease of a cat

Not always the disease of a cat can be distinguished at first sight. Sometimes by sight the animal seems healthy, however the loving owner notices changes in behavior of the pet and begins to sound the alarm. Not to load once again in vain the veterinarian, calling him on each trifle, it is simpler to learn to define signs of a cat's indisposition independently.


1. Pay attention to appearance of a cat. A dry and hot nose - not the only symptom of a disease of an animal. If your alumna is unhealthy, at her, most likely, wool will grow dull and will puff up, the mobility will be reduced, the appetite and interest in all events will sharply be gone. It is worth pricking up the ears also when the sociable and playful house favourite suddenly begins the most part of time to carry out in the closed and dark space, for example, in a case or under the bed.

2. Watch allocations of a cat within several days. The lock or a diarrhea, blood to Calais, too dark or too light color of excrements have to be the cause for the address to the doctor. From an urinogenital system about violations can signal: urine incontinence, crying of an animal at urination, refusal to go to the habitual place (if visit of a tray is associated with pain and discomfort).

3. Perform independent inspection of a cat. Take her on hands, put to yourself on knees, paws up, and carefully feel a stomach. If it blown up or firm, and your touches obviously hurt an animal, so the patient has problems from digestive tract. Run fingers over all integument: whether there were no outgrowths under wool of an ulcer, tumor also. Glance to a cat in eyes and ears: the healthy animal has to have them clean, without purulent allocations. Open a cat's mouth: the raid and sores in language, a pungent smell testify to a disease.

4. Weigh a cat if it seems to you that she sharply lost weight or grew stout. Find the line of pulse on inside of a hip and count it. If result higher than 120 beats per minute, perhaps, at an animal temperature rose. It is possible to check it by means of the electronic thermometer, having greased its tip with vaseline and having entered for several minutes into an anus under a tail of an animal. However be ready that the cat can not allow the owner to make with her such manipulation.

5. Call in a vetklinik and list all symptoms which you found. Sometimes doctors give consultations on phone. But if you are told that personal survey is necessary, without postponing, carry a cat on reception or call the veterinarian on the house.

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