How to define a female of a turtle

How to define a female of a turtle

To define an exact sex of a turtle very difficult, and it is possible to make it only at more advanced age when the turtle is 6-8 years old, and the size of an armor will exceed 10 cm. And it would be simpler to define a female if you had many turtles, it is more difficult to make it, having only one animal. However, having studied some external signs, you without effort will be able to define a female of a turtle.


1. There are several species of turtles – overland, marsh, krasnoukhy, Central Asian and trionex. Let's review several examples by which we will determine female turtles.

2. The overland female of a turtle can be determined by a tail. At females unlike males the tail is a little shorter. However it can be seen at mature age. At teenagers to notice this difference very difficult.

3. At females overland skulls femoral spurs are less expressed, unlike males. The back belly party of an armor of a female has the rounded-off form, at males it has the V-shaped form.

4. The size of adult females overland skulls exceeds the size of males.

5. It is quite easy to distinguish a female of a marsh turtle from males on color of eyes. Females have yellow color of eyes, at males of an eye have brown color. Females of a marsh turtle have no dredging on a plastron and the tail is much shorter, than at a male.

6. Females of trionex on an armor have over time hillocks. At males on the contrary the armor begins to be smoothed with age. The tail at a female remains short and small, and at a male by three years the long tail with a light, longitudinal strip from above grows.

7. It is possible to define a sex of the Central Asian turtle on a tail and a type of a foul place. At females the tail quite small and usually sticks out, and the foul place has the asterisk form. At males a tail long and thick which usually because of the length is bent under an armor and the foul place has the form of a longitudinal strip.

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