How to define, a parrot - the boy or the girl?

How to define, a parrot - the boy or the girl?

Cultivation of parrots of different breeds – a hobby which meets not so often as cultivation of cats and dogs, but, nevertheless, is a lot of owners of parrots and quite often beginners face a problem of recognition of a sex of the favourites. This problem can become a serious obstacle for further reproduction of parrots and for receiving posterity. If at some species of parrots it is easy to define a sex, knowing differences between females and males, then for other breeds to find out, the boy or the girl lives with you in the house, not easy.


1. At breed of light cockatoos it is quite easy to define a sex – for this purpose you need to pay attention to color of an iris of an eye of a parrot. The male an iris very dark, and at females has it light brown.

2. If you part with the macaw, zhako or redtailed parrots, pay attention to the size of the head of a bird – males of these breeds differ in a powerful and wide beak and the large head. However sometimes females of these parrots practically differ in nothing from males that makes sex determination almost impossible.

3. If it is impossible to define a sex because of young age of parrots, wait for their growing – in process of growing, sexual characters of birds are shown stronger. At females of the Australian parrots wider basin, unlike males, and in a sitting position they place legs more widely.

4. Besides, females it is frequent more aggressively than males and if the parrot bites you, perhaps, it is a female. In a case with budgerigars for sex determination pay attention to color of a voskovitsa – the site of skin over a beak.

5. Also, if there is such opportunity, you can order from experts sex determination of a parrot on the basis of test of fabrics from a core of a young feather. Also veterinarians can conduct upon the demand of the owner of a parrot a hormonal research or endoscopy for exact identification of a sex of a bird.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team