How to define a sex of a dog

How to define a sex of a dog

Many new dog breeders complain that it is difficult to define a sex of puppies in the first weeks of their life. For certain to learn who your future pet – the boy or the girl, show the kid to the veterinarian. Though to cope independently, having used a traditional method of survey of puppies, quite really.


1. According to the book "How to Choose and Bring Up a Puppy" as soon as kids a little get stronger, it is possible to try to define their sex. For this purpose put a puppy in vertical position or turn a tummy up.

2. Examine a crotch between hinder legs. At a kobelk the genital is almost on a tummy, and at knots it is located closer to back pass. On appearance the genital knots reminds a heart.

3. If there are doubts, look at adult dogs. At kids the same. Defining a sex at newborn puppies, be not too lazy to check a condition of skin, ears, eyes, wool. If eyes water, and in ears the tick was got, show a puppy to the veterinarian and immediately begin treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team