How to define a sex of a small fish parrot

How to define a sex of a small fish parrot

Small fish parrot – the popular inhabitant of house aquariums, received the name thanks to the fact that her front part of the head with a receding forehead and a small mouth reminds a beak at a parrot. These small fishes active and unpretentious, can organize games, than got to themselves love of aquarians. If you want to breed fishes parrots, you need to be able to define their sex to take both a male, and a female.


1. The most frequent guest in aquariums is the red parrot. This beautiful small fish is red, orange, lemon and crimson colors. After the adaptation period she begins to recognize the owner and even tries to communicate with it through a front wall of an aquarium.

2. To distinguish male from a female at small fishes of this type not easy, the sexual dimorphism at them is expressed not obviously. It is the best of all to define a sex at the small fishes who reached puberty which happens at the age of about one and a half years.

3. Unlike the majority of fishes, males of fish parrot are larger than females. In addition, the color at males is brighter also nasyshchenny, than at more faded the self-check.

4. Pay attention to a tail fin of a small fish parrot. At females the ends of fins more roundish while the ends of a fin at males are pointed.

5. Small fishes parrots choose to themselves constant couple therefore you should not transplant or sell fishes who reached puberty and decided on the choice of the partner.

6. Before spawning of a small fish parrots make to themselves the shelter, digging out the seaweed disturbing them. If you value a landscape in the aquarium, it will be better if you offer small fishes of the place for spawning. Put a narrow stone at an angle of 45 degrees near the compressor spray. If you noticed that parrots began to clean actively a stone, so the place prepared by you was pleasant to them.

7. In order that from caviar whitebaits hatched, it is necessary to change ten-fifteen percent of water for distillate and also to reduce acidity to 6.8.

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