How to define childbirth at a dog

How to define childbirth at a dog

The owner has to be not only the friend, but also the obstetrician when it is necessary. But somehow to help a dog, it is necessary to assume approximately when she begins childbirth. It is not so difficult to make it, the behavior of an animal changes a little.


1. Special attention should be paid to a dog approximately in 60 days after she became pregnant. On average she bears the posterity 62-66 days. If childbirth not the first, then the dog can oshchenitsya slightly earlier that is not considered an aberration. In this case begin to control behavior of an animal from 57 in the afternoon. Do not forget that during this period you are very necessary to the favourite, do not leave her one on long.

2. Take a dog temperature in a rectum and when it begins to decrease by 1-2 degrees, be prepared - childbirth will begin soon. Usually it occurs in 24-32 hours prior to a significant event. On average rectal temperature during pregnancy of an animal sticks to 38-39 degrees on a mark and only before the childbirth decreases a little.

3. During the same period the dog begins to show a concern maximum. She begins to fuss, periodically examining one, other secluded place in the apartment. Be not surprised if you see how it pulls together a plaid and brings it to the pleasant corner. Do not swear, and help it to equip "patrimonial chamber".

4. Several hours prior to childbirth the dog begins very much last of 1 o'clock and up to several days. If it seems to you that they dragged on, call the veterinarian.

5. Puppies are born in "sack" if the dog itself cannot gnaw through it, then help her. Also cut off an umbilical cord and process it brilliant green. Wipe the newborn and put him in other clean box until the dog gives birth to all.

6. After the end of childbirth replace to an animal a laying and put all puppies on the first feeding. And now do not disturb mummy, let she will a little have a rest and will gain strength.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team