How to define how many years I will scare

How to define how many years I will scare

Choosing a parrot, there is always a wish to get still the little feathery pet to bring up it and to be happy with how it grows. How not to be mistaken in pet-shop and to find a parrot of suitable age?


1. To determine the age of a budgerigar quite difficult even to the expert, however there are signs on which you can distinguish a baby bird and a mature bird. Look at a voskovitsa - it is skin education which is over a beak of a parrot. Its color helps to determine not only the approximate age of a bird, but also her floor. Young parrots have a pale voskovitsa, dim. At females it nonsaturated blue color, and at males – pale violet. In process of growing of baby birds of voskoviyets gets more saturated shade, and becomes bright at absolutely adult birds. The mature female of a parrot can be determined by a brown voskovitsa, and a male – on bright blue.

2. Color of the beak also helps with determination of age of a parrot. Young baby birds have a beak of black color. In process of growing it becomes yellow, at the same time the black color decreases to a small dark speck on a beak. At very adult birds this speck will be hardly noticeable.

3. At three-months age the budgerigars for the first time fade. If the bird did not reach this age yet, plumage on her head will be completely wavy, and the relief will begin from the beak. Besides the color of baby birds usually more pale, than at adult birds, is less noticeable contrast on "waves", there is no "mask" (white or light yellow, depending on a species of a parrot). All the parrot gets a familiar bright color and "waves" in 4-6 months.

4. Baby birds of a parrot quickly enough grow and get a shape of a body of an adult bird. However it is possible to notice a young parrot on length of feathers on a tail: they considerably smaller size, than at adult birds. However when the bird reaches half-month age, to notice this difference much more difficult.

5. Eyes of a parrot will also help to determine his age. At young parrots of eyes absolutely black as color of a pupil merges with an iris. At the expense of this eye seem goggle. The adult parrot around a pupil has a white iris of the eye.

6. Budgerigars can live up to 15 years at the correct care for them. At the same time it will be impossible to determine the age of a parrot. On external signs it is possible to distinguish a baby bird and a mature bird only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team