How to define pregnancy at a doe-rabbit

How to define pregnancy at a doe-rabbit

Pregnancy of a doe-rabbit – a joyful event for her owner, especially for this purpose whose alumna is going to become a mom for the first time. Therefore, first of all, krolikovod has to know how to define a sukrolnost of rabbits.


1. Place a male to a female in 6-12 days after knitting and watch behavior of a doe-rabbit. The pregnant female will aggressively behave in relation to a male, to try to bite him, to grunt on him, to reject courtings. But such test for a sukrolnost of rabbits is not always authentic. It can be just false pregnancy.

2. A reliable way of definition of pregnancy of a doe-rabbit is the palpation. It is necessary to carry out it not earlier, than in 13-15 days after fertilization. For this purpose carefully take a female for withers and put on a plain surface the head to yourself. Holding a doe-rabbit with one hand for a sacrum, another carefully begin to probe a back part of a stomach on both sides. Remember that germs are located in the form of a chain, one about another.

3. If the doe-rabbit is pregnant, then her uterus is strongly increased in sizes and filled with placentary liquid in which there are germs. Kids, as a rule, have the oval form, elastic and soft. The palpation should be carried out carefully and extremely attentively.

4. During a sukrolnost at a doe-rabbit the appetite improves, flavoring preferences change and she begins to get fat. All this is explained by the fact that grow in its womb and develop small the krolchat, but in 1-2 weeks the appetite returns to normal and becomes the same, as well as before pregnancy.

5. Some doe-rabbits in the period of a sukrolnost prepare for appearance of kids. They construct a nest for future krolchat from paper, hay and from the down which is pulled out from own stomach.

6. Also sign of pregnancy of a doe-rabbit is emergence in it of bad habit – to throw out from the cage usual food in search of something more tasty. Though ill-bred and choosy females can do it constantly, without being pregnant women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team