How to define pregnancy of a pig

How to define pregnancy of a pig

Diagnostics of pregnancy of domestic farm animals is important enough as without it it is just impossible to conduct according to plan and normally work in livestock economy. There are several methods for determining pregnancy of a sow: laboratory, clinical and visual.


1. To define a suporosnost it is necessary to use a method of an external research which the truth will be effective only at the end of pregnancy of a pig. For a research, accurately and without the use of force (scratching sides and a stomach) put a pig sideways. Then carefully make probing of an anterior abdominal wall. It needs to be done at the level of the last two nipples, is slightly higher than a mammary gland. At the same time you will be able to probe fruits.

2. For the third or fifth day after copulation of a pig it is possible to determine existence of pregnancy by curdled allocations from a vagina. The sow lies more, there is an appetite, becomes quite lazy. If more pig does not go for copulation and does not "walk" within eighteen-twenty days, it is possible to tell practically with absolute confidence that she is pregnant. In the last month suporosnost (pigs carry the posterity on average 115 days) active hyperaemia of an udder and increase in office of colostrum is observed.

3. Quite often for definition of pregnancy at a pig use a rectal method. Thanks to this way it is possible to define a suporosnost in three weeks, in six weeks with a bigger accuracy. After release of a gut from excrement put on rubber gloves and pass to probing during relaxation of a gut. The external artery has podvzdoshny diameter and is gradually thickened during pregnancy of a pig. To the termination of the first month of carrying it is possible to feel vibration of an average uterine artery, in an urinogenital artery the weak pulsation is probed.

4. In laboratory and clinical conditions the most perspective method defining pregnancy of a pig with an absolute accuracy is used. For this purpose use ultrasound for definition of a pulsation of a fruit in a uterus of a pig. Also in practice apply a vagina biopsy method to establishment of a suporosnost. The small tool the small piece of tissue of epithelium from a front wall of a vagina undertakes and it is investigated under a microscope. This method is absolutely safe for a pig and a fruit, does not demand special preparation.

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