How to define that at a dog childbirth begins

How to define that at a dog childbirth begins

The birth of puppies is a joyful event and at the same time heavy responsibility for the owner. It is very important to distinguish the beginning of childbirth and to be prepared for them even if you do not plan independently them to accept.

Signs of childbirth at a dog

During the preparatory period the organism is preparing for the birth of puppies, patrimonial ways of a dog reveal. The first sign change of behavior boughs is considered. She worries, digs paws a floor, begins to rush about and hide. Future mother can ask on the street, but, having only left there, comes back home. Some dogs can refuse food, others, on the contrary, do not depart from a bowl. Important during this period to calm and caress a dog, to support her.

The uneasy behavior of a dog is connected with increase in intra belly pressure. The first reductions of a uterus are almost imperceptible, and a bough begins to feel pain, still not really strong.There are also physiological signs of the coming childbirth. Approximately in five days at a dog the stomach falls, on sides poles appear. If during this period on a bough to look from above, from a tail, she will seem thin. One day before childbirth the body temperature of future mother falls up to 37 degrees while the normal body temperature of a dog – 38-39 degrees. Also before childbirth puppies in a womb fade though before move actively and pushed. Several hours prior to childbirth at boughs there are dense allocations of whitish color and the loop is softened. Also it has a fever and a shiver, breath becomes more frequent. It means that process is started, and childbirth will begin within a day. If every other day everything remains still and fights do not begin – it is necessary to deliver a dog to the veterinarian. The second stage of childbirth – fights. They become more intensive, and attempts are added to them. Some dogs can give birth standing, but, as a rule, they shchenitsya lying on the right side. If childbirth at boughs happens in a special box, then at each attempt it rests against one wall, and a croup and a back nestles on another. At this stage it is easy to monitor reductions of a uterus. It is necessary to put a palm on a stomach of a dog, and you will feel how the uterus hardens at approach of a fight and as relaxes later. In intervals between attempts of a bough pants, relaxes, and during especially strong contractions some women in labor can even shout.

Preparation for a genus of a dog

The nest for a dog and her future puppies needs to be laid clean sheets. It is also necessary to prepare safe heating: electrohot-water bottle or infrared lamp. Consider that for puppies both the overcooling, and overheating are equally terrible. During childbirth one more box with heating is required – puppies will lie here, the last from them will not appear yet. The room where there will take place childbirth, needs to be prokvartsevat, carried out in it damp cleaning and to vacuum. On the eve of childbirth the dog needs to cut wool on a stomach, around an anus and a loop. Long wool should be collected in bunches. Also on the place where there will be childbirth, it is necessary to have a stock of diapers and necessities – an oilcloth, a basin, the thermometer, vatu, syringes, scales. From medicines alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, analginum, a calcium gluconate, Dimedrol and B12 vitamin will be required.

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