How to define that at the worm's cat

How to define that at the worm's cat

Almost in each house there is a favourite pet, especially in families where there are small children. Preference at many is given to cats as animal, quite unpretentious in use. It is rather simple to accustom to a kitten pot, to feed too and the joy of kids of a game with the favourite pet will not leave indifferent any adult. However it is worth to remember also about possible dangers: cats often have parasites – both fleas, and the worm (especially if the animal walks on the street and has contact with homeless cats). It is rather difficult to define availability of helminths (worms), but preliminary conclusions nevertheless can be drawn.


1. Take a cat on hands, probe a stomach. If the cat is healthy, then a stomach at her soft. If the stomach was blown up or hardened, then it can be one of symptoms of existence in an organism of your pet of helminths.

2. Prepare for much more unpleasant procedure and survey animal kcal on existence of the white moving worms. If larvae are available, then buy the anthelminthic means which is on sale in all specialized shops and veterinary clinics. But at first address the veterinarian.

3. If kcal it is clean, then track appetite of the pet. At the increased appetite, constant feeling of hunger the animal can be infected too, especially if it does not put on weight, and, on the contrary, thaws as a candle every day.

4. Observe a cat after a meal. Pay attention: whether it has vomiting or emetic desires as at chronic helminthosis, parasites can leave thus.

5. Do not panic if all of you found out that your favourite is infected with helminths. In spite of the fact that the animal feels not in the best way at this time, it nevertheless is able to accept treatment. Carry a cat in hospital, carry out all appointments of the expert, and further you carry out quarterly prevention of parasites.

6. Remember that helminthosis can be transmitted also to the person. Therefore anyway you should undergo the procedure of treatment together with your favourite. At observance of these simple rules the stay of a cat in the house will not bring special trouble. The animal will feel the full member of family and will thank owners the caress and love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team