How to define that the small fish is pregnant

How to define that the small fish is pregnant

Cultivation of aquarium fishes process quite labor-consuming, except that small fishes have to receive the necessary quantity of a forage, light and oxygen, it is necessary to define the fact of approach of pregnancy in time and not to pass the birth of a whitebait which can just be eaten otherwise.

Reproduction of fishes, as well as any other animals, very difficult physiological process which is always followed by a number of features and which the environment, both natural, and artificial influences.

Small fishes who after fertilization are ready to reproduction often are required to be held in special conditions, but it is for this purpose important to define truly, really whether the small fish is pregnant. Each breed of fishes has signs which are expressed both in change of a color of females, and in increase in a paunch.

Sword-bearersFemales of sword-bearers are ready to copulate from 8 months, at this age at these fishes the puberty comes to an end. If the female of the sword-bearer is pregnant, she on a stomach has a spot of a dark color, and the stomach gains rounded shapes. Closer to childbirth the tummy increases and finds square outlines.

GuppySuch aquarium fish as the guppy who is also viviparous and very similar to sword-bearers has the features of reproduction. To become pregnant the female of the guppy does not need constant presence of a male, this small fish can throw several times a whitebait from one made pairing. To understand that the small fish is pregnant, it is rather easy: its sides and a paunch many times increase. As well as at sword-bearers, at the guppy the dark stain which increases in sizes closer to childbirth is formed behind. Thus, the only difference of the guppy is numerous throwing of whitebaits from one partner, and at sword-bearers the fertilization happens once, and the female is otsazhivat at once.

Fish cockerel

At breed of fishes cockerels puberty comes in 4 months, the white spot, but not dark, as at other small fishes, and of course, the rounded stomach becomes distinctive sign of pregnancy of a female. Feature of females of cockerels is process of the birth: the male twists a nest from plants and when term approaches they with a female fade in this nest, then smoothly fall to its bottom where there is an emission of caviar. After that the male preserves several days caviar from which whitebaits appear, and then he is otsazhivat as well as the given rise female.

Fish parrot

Bright and amusing cabins parrots are very popular with fans of house aquariums today. These small fishes badly breed therefore they need special conditions. For example, for pairing water in an aquarium is done warmer, and for throwing establish a sink or a lodge shelter. Pregnancy of a small fish is expressed by usual signs - the bulked-up paunch and a dark stain at a tail, but also the behavior still changes: the female more often aspires to a bottom and leaves from light.

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