How to deliver a dropper to a dog

How to deliver a dropper to a dog

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We are obliged cares for dumb animals. Without our care they will not be able to survive as it is not banal it sounds. Especially it concerns thoroughbred dogs which many get at themselves in the house. Many breeds of domestic dogs were removed selektsionno by repeated crossings. And not always such dogs differ in excellent health. Owners of dogs have to consider and be able to do to give it to the pets first aid if necessary.

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1. First of all, owners houseof animals have to be able to distinguish feeling sick of a pet and to be able to give it in time medicine. Sometimes, at especially serious illness it is necessary to deliver to a dog a dropper. Of course, a dropper the veterinarian has to put the first time. But if the dog needs repeated droppers, you should do it independently.

2. In veterinary clinic will deliver to a dog an intravenous catheter and will bandage a paw. Carefully write down manuals of the doctor and the prescribed medicine and also an order and speed of their introduction. Houses in certain time you have to deliver a dropper to the dog correctly. Prepare all necessary for the procedure.

3. Equip the venue of the procedure for your dog. To it it has to be convenient and warm. Strengthen a bottle with solution for a dropper as it is possible above. Hang up it a stopper down. Wash up hands with soap. Lay a dog on a laying, tenderly talk to her, unbandage a paw with a catheter.

4. Disinfect a catheter, suck away from a catheter cannula the syringe a possible clot of blood – blood clot. Having wiped a rubber cover of a bottle for solution, enter into it a needle from the system of a dropper against the stop. Nearby thrust an air needle, remove from it a lid.

5. Squeeze and unclench a dropper until it not to be filled approximately on one third. Raise a wheel of a clip up to an emphasis that liquid came to a system. You watch that in a system there was no air.

6. Close a wheel intake of solution and connect a dropper to a catheter on a paw of a dog. Shift a wheel and adjust dropper speed (1-2 drops a second). Enter into a rubber cover of solution necessary drugs by means of the prepared syringes.

7. Usually on a drip the dog falls asleep. Do not leave her unguarded. The dog can move and disconnect a dropper. Upon termination of the procedure press a dropper a wheel, disconnect it from a catheter. Enter heparin into a catheter and close a sterile lid. Densely bandage to a dog a paw.

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