How to deliver ears to a Dobermann terrier

How to deliver ears to a Dobermann terrier

The Dobermann terrier at the age of 2-3 months has to undergo a complex of preventive medical procedures. Upon purchase of such puppy it is necessary to be sure that he is vaccinated, has the stopped ears and a tail. Usually the tail does not cause in the buyer of any complaints, and here ears after knocking over need the correct and competent statement for giving of a necessary form to them. It is laborious and long work.

It is required to you

  • - medical bandage;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - elastic bandage;
  • - two strips of an adhesive plaster on 13-15 cm.


1. The shape of a Dobermann terrier strongly depends on his head, and that, in turn, on the correct setting and knocking over of ears. There are some rules which should be carried out for setting of ears from the moment of knocking over by the veterinarian-beautician.

2. For setting of ears, and generally for giving of a form to them get a special frame crown. This easy design which is put on head dogs is made of a metal wire. After the knocking over representing trimming of an ear the seam is formed. This seam in the course of healing pulls together edge, deforming an ear and not allowing it to stand. Until the ear heals, process the cut edge a brilliantine (brilliant green) alternately with hydrogen peroxide. Before installation of a crown beforehand prepare the following materials: medical bandage, cotton wool, elastic bandage, two strips of an adhesive plaster on 13-15 centimeters.

3. Setting of ears by means of "crown" Corona is easy, but rather strong design from a metal wire. First, try on and adjust it by the size of the head of a Dobermann terrier. At the same time, if it is necessary, unbend or bend, dressed on the head, a part of a crown.

4. For prevention of injuries of head skin, wind a metal base with elastic or usual bandage with cotton wool. At the same time, if it is necessary, adjust a crown to the size of the head of a Dobermann terrier.

5. For deduction of a crown on the head, make a strap tie of just bandage, using, fixed from two parties, an elastic band or a tape. Then dress this design to a Dobermann terrier on the head. Further without efforts tighten one ear to the top level of a crown. After that on inside of an ear paste one part of a strip of a plaster. Attach its second part to the outer side of an ear, previously having passed a strip through the top level. Press a plaster so that it was fixed on all the length. Make the same operations also with the second ear. At the same time the crown has to be established correctly, and tips of ears have to be at one level.

6. Not too strongly tie a strap tie in which the Dobermann terrier will be 7-8 days under a throat. After that remove it for two hours, and the procedure anew repeat all.

7. When seams are removed, and edges of ears completely will begin to live, finally remove a crown and be engaged in a podkleivaniye of ears.

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