How to determine the age of a dog

How to determine the age of a dog

Need to determine the age usually arises if the animal gets to you accidentally. To understand how many years to your dog, it is necessary to pay attention to dental health, an eye and animal hair.


1. Most intensively dogs develop in the first two years of life. After this term it is considered to be that one calendar year is equated at small doggies by five years of life, at averages to six, and at large breeds by seven years.

2. It is the simplest to begin determination of age with survey of teeth. If to you the puppy got, then it is necessary to know that cutters and canines on the upper jaw begin to be cut through for 20-25 day of life. By a month the kid has to have a complete set of milk teeth. Then dairy cutters begin to change at the age of 4-5 months, canines are cut through in 5-6 months. By a year at a dog all dairy row has to be replaced. To one-and-a-half-year-old age the hooks of the lower jaw begin to be erased gradually. By 2.5 years, average cutters of the lower jaw have stertost. Teeth begin to lose the gloss and whiteness. In three years, hooks of the upper jaw begin to be erased. In four years, average cutters of the upper jaw are erased. In five years also canines are exposed to deleting. At survey they look stupid. Since six years the teeth of a dog begin to turn yellow, the scale appears. At more advanced age the loss of teeth is possible. It is necessary to consider that the condition of a mouth of a dog in many respects depends on conditions of her life. Therefore if you doubt correctness of the calculations, address for consultation the veterinary expert.

3. Also the condition of wool will help to determine the age of a dog. With age wool at dogs grows coarse, loses the gloss. In six-seven years the gray hair in lips and a chin appears. Gradually it extends to all muzzle and a forehead of a dog.

4. After 7 years of an eye at a dog seem more deeply put. Expansion of a pupil, turbidity of an eye can be observed (in a consequence of senile diseases of eyes).

5. It is necessary to know that breeds. So, large dogs live, on average, 10-12 years, average and small 15-18. Some individuals can live also up to 20 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team