How to determine the age of a parrot

How to determine the age of a parrot

Some of the most beloved pets – budgerigars – treat long-living. At good leaving the parrot can live okolo15 years. It is desirable to buy a parrot young as more trainee. The complexity is that the exact age of a parrot cannot almost be determined, well to define only, young it is a bird, or already adult, mature.

It is required to you

  • The book about parrots


1. Look at a voskovitsa of a parrot. At adult male budgerigar of voskoviyets happens saturated blue color, at a female – brown. Young birds have a voskovitsa much more pale, violet at males and bluish at females.

2. Pay attention to a beak of a bird. At old budgerigars yellow or greenish, at young people – black. In process of growing the black spot usually decreases.

3. Take a closer look at tails of parrots. At young growth they short, at adults – much longer. Young parrots grow very quickly and by the body size catch up with parents soon, but plumelets reach normal length with small delay so in the first one and a half months their length is sign of ptentsovy age too.

4. You judge by coloring of plumage. Young people have color of a feather more dim, the waviness on the head is shown almost from the voskovitsa and there is no light yellow or white mask (at the corresponding color forms). The bird is more senior than 4 - 6 months changes ptentsovy plumage and becomes brighter, contrast, the mask is shown, and the waviness on the head begins already above, from edge of a mask.

5. Peer at eyes. At an adult parrot the pupil is surrounded with a white ringlet, and around eyes often there is no plumage. Eyes of a young budgerigar absolutely black, the pupil merges with an iris and therefore eyes seem more, than in fact.

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