How to determine the age of a parrot of Korell

How to determine the age of a parrot of Korell

Both old, and young korella, or nymphs as these parrots are called in Russia, the identical size. Therefore for determination of age of these birds the ornithologists advise to pay attention not to growth, and to behavior, a color of feathers and eyes and also to all appearance of a parrot in general.


1. Try to get a korella of 10-14 weeks age. Experts consider that such young individuals get used to the new owner and the habitat better. At tender age of the nymph look modestly. Their plumage less bright, than at adult birds. The tail is usually slightly tousled, korotkovat and is not really clean – young korella are not able to be cleaned well yet and often potter at the bottom of a cage, being soiled in a dung. At baby birds to the first molt the small bald head on the top near a cop remains.

2. At korell gray, natural coloring the approximate age can be determined on color of a beak and paws. If at young parrots they gray-pink, then at more adult individuals these parts of a body more dark. Also at young people korell tenacious, as at little kittens, gentle, light claws.

3. Pay attention and to color of eyes of the nymph. Unlike a beak, claws and scales on paws, with age they brighten. At young parrots an iris almost black. At old it becomes light brown.

4. Young individuals of a korella have almost no feathers on a cop. It is a little of them also they more direct, than at old birds which cop is bent forward. Between cop feathers at a young bird it is possible to consider tubules from the new growing feathers.

5. To determine the approximate age of a bird, observe her behavior. Young korella differ in some awkwardness.

6. Age korell mutational, not gray, a color it is possible to determine by a voskovitsa – the site of reinforced and neoperenny skin over a beak and also by paws. Young parrots have smooth fingers, with age scales increase by them in sizes and become more rough, wrinkles develop. Voskovitsa at young individuals clean, not wrinkled. Young birds differ in also smooth beak without any peelings. Usually nostrils at baby birds concerning a beak larger, than at adult relatives.

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