How to disaccustom a cat there are flowers

How to disaccustom a cat there are flowers

Eating of greens is absolutely normal natural behavior of cats. However it will be pleasant to the rare hostess that her favourite rummages in pots with carefully grown up violets. Besides that cats spoil appearance of plants, some of their copies can be simply poisonous for animals.

It is required to you

  • - citrus air freshener;
  • - lemon, orange;
  • - oats;
  • - water gun or spray;
  • - levometitsin;
  • - banks;
  • - grain, buttons.


1. Take care of that your favourite had enough toys. The cat entertains himself as can, and if the owner did not provide him toy mice and balls, certainly, will find other objects suitable for games.

2. Try to sprinkle flowers a citrus air freshener or to put directly in a pot of a segment of a lemon and orange. Many cats are frightened off by this smell, and they prefer to occupy themselves with other things.

3. Buy seeds of oats and plant them especially for a cat. In a week in pots there will be young sprouts which your favourite with pleasure will gnaw, having forgotten about petunias and Amaryllises. If at you on a windowsill the chlorophytum grows, you can also transplant several sprouts especially for your favourite.

4. Every time when you notice how the cat stretched to plants, splash in her from a water gun or a spray. If you have a child, can shift this mission to him – he with pleasure will protect an order in your apartment.

5. On large plants it is possible to hang up various "shumelka" - the banks filled with buttons or grain and children's rattles. Perhaps, they will spoil your interior, however this temporary measure a little. Approximately in a month the cat will get used that ficuses and palm trees begin to rattle threateningly in attempts to regale on flowers.

6. Pound a tablet of a levomitsetin, dissolve it in water and sprinkle flowers the turned-out solution. Levomitsetin – very bitter antibiotic, but in such concentration it does not constitute danger neither to a cat, nor to flowers. But for a long time takes away the fluffy mischievous person from a windowsill.

7. Include vegetables and greens in a cat's diet. Perhaps, your pet lacks vitamins therefore he so persistently also tries to fill their stock at the expense of plants from your windowsill. Consult to the veterinarian – he will recommend a vitamin complex which will help to cope with this problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team