How to disaccustom a cat to scratch wall-paper

How to disaccustom a cat to scratch wall-paper

Owners of cats should know that their favourite scratches furniture and wall-paper at all not because wants to play a dirty trick or spoil to you mood. To sharpen claws for a cat - the most natural occupation. Thus she deletes the died-off covers of claws. Besides, between fingers of paws of a cat glands excreting odorous substance are located and, sharpening claws, the cat marks the territory. To disaccustom a cat to tear up wall-paper - an invention not simple and demanding from owners of animal understanding, patience and persistence.

It is required to you

  • - claw sharpener;
  • - "cat's mint";
  • - spray with water.


1. Choose and get special claw sharpeners. They happen several types: standing claw sharpeners columns; the claw sharpeners which are hanging up on a wall; claw sharpeners rugs. Often the claw sharpener is a part of the "cat's complex" including still a lodge and several special platforms. It is recommended to get, at least, 2-3 claw sharpeners.

2. Place claw sharpeners on walls, in those places of the apartment which were chosen by your cat. Remember that it is simpler to equip the place which is already fallen in love by her for a cat, than to try to accustom her to sharpen claws in that place which is pleasant personally to you. Do not forget to arrange also a claw sharpener near that place where the cat sleeps - very often animals begin to sharpen claws right after a dream. Strong fix a claw sharpener. If it falls and will frighten an animal, then the cat, most likely, any more will never begin to use "this terrible piece". Besides, cats are physiologically not capable to sharpen claws about shaky objects.

3. Show to a cat what from her is required. Take the alumna on hands and carry to new acquisition. At the same time you should not drag her by the scruff or to raise on her the voice - it can lead to resistant negative association with this subject. Put forepaws of a cat on a claw sharpener surface. Slightly press on small pillows of paws to show the teeth. It is necessary to do it very accurately not to hurt an animal. Hook on a cat claws for a claw sharpener surface. Such trainings are recommended to be held regularly.

4. Help a cat to get used to a claw sharpener. For this purpose it is possible to spray a claw sharpener with "cat's mint" which is on sale in any pet-shop.

5. Use a method of "carrot and stick". You do not stint caress and a praise if noticed that the cat sharpens claws in the "correct" place. If you caught the alumna in the act - show her the negative attitude to the events - loudly tell "It is impossible!". Also as punishment it is possible to use a spray with water. Cats very much do not love when water gets to them on a muzzle.

6. Periodically cut nails to your cat. This procedure needs to be carried out very accurately not to damage living tissues.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team