How to disaccustom a dog to bark

How to disaccustom a dog to bark

It is necessary to know that dogs bark at all not because nerves want to test yours for durability. Bark for a dog is a way of communication. When your dog is frightened when something hurts her or, on the contrary, she is happy and to her is cheerful - she hurries to share with you the feelings. Also does it by means of bark. If bark of a dog irritates you, members of your family and neighbors, it is necessary to find free time and to be engaged in education of a dog. Remember that responsibility for socialization of a dog completely lies on its owner.


1. Find out the reason layaosobenno important to deal with the bark reason in case such "attacks" began at your dog rather recently. Sometimes, that uncontrollable bark is a request for the help. Attentively examine a dog. Make sure that nothing hurts her. If necessary, bring her to the veterinarian.

2. Try to switch attention to a sobakiispolzuyta the Sit and Lie teams already familiar to a dog. If your dog began to bark - order it "to Sit". Surely encourage a dog after each implementation of commands. You should not expect fast effect - correction of behavior of a dog demands long and laborious work and frequent trainings.

3. Enter new you komanduvyberit a word which you will use as team. It can be words "will be enough", "quietly", "stop" "to be silent" or any other short words. Give this command every time when you want to stop bark. Encourage a dog for command execution. As punishment and "intimidation" apply water from a spray or the usual newspaper curtailed into a tubule.

4. Never allow a dog to try to obtain the desirable by means of bark. Very often dogs try to manipulate the owners by means of bark. Thus the dog can demand delicacy, ask on the street or draw attention when with it boringly and there is a wish to play. Remember that if you will follow at this moment the tastes of an animal and will provide to a dog the desirable - the similar type of behavior will strongly be fixed in her memory. Do not give in to an impulse even if you very much want that the dog became silent, and the simplest option is to give her demanded. Surely wait so far the dog will calm down. Praise a dog and treat with something. Your pet will understand soon that he receives delicacy only when is silent.

5. It is necessary to remember that to protect the territory - the most natural behavior for a dog. And simply it is not fair to punish her for it. It is necessary to correct her behavior only a little. If your pet barks, hearing steps of strangers behind the door so that all entrance already fiercely hates it - it is a high time to be engaged in training. Ask assistants to walk on a ladder, to drive on the elevator and to potopat on the landing. Adjust behavior of a dog by means of the teams "Feet", "Will be enough". At the next stage of training ask assistants to pull a door and to try to open entrance locks. Encourage dog bark. Regular holding similar trainings will accustom a dog to the correct behavior.

6. Use special the osheynikiosheynik to a smell of a citrus is arranged in such a way that you will be able to control bark of your pet even without being at home. As soon as the dog begins to bark - from a collar the water jet with a lemon smell will be splashed out. From surprise the animal will become silent.

7. There are, of course, also more radical methods of breaking of a dog from bark - electroconvulsive collars, parfors and operation on truncation of vocal chords. The decision about use of such methods of "education" is made by the owner and completely remains on his conscience.

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