How to disaccustom a hamster to gnaw a cage

How to disaccustom a hamster to gnaw a cage

Hamsters do not demand the special course. However their owners are quite often anxious and puzzled with how to disaccustom them to gnaw cage rods especially as hamsters do it rather loudly and mainly in night-time, preventing all to sleep


1. Address to pet-shop and get special mineral pieces of chalk and stones for hamsters. Put them in a cage, and suspend better or strengthen between rods so that they always were in sight of a small animal. In pet-shop it is possible to buy also the special delicacies for hamsters promoting grinding of teeth which at them, as well as at all rodents, grow during all life.

2. Place in a cage wooden bar or branches (any, except cherry, plum or coniferous breeds of trees). Several pieces can be strengthened also on cage rods. Periodically resupply branches.

3. Do not smear cage rods with sharp odorous substances (mustard, adjika and so forth) as the hamster can die from such "treat". At most, what you can make – to wipe rods with weak solution of a levomitsetin or juice of a lemon that the rodent, having tasted once again a cage, understood that it is extremely tasteless.

4. Buy Antigryzin spray which can be sprayed on cage rods in pet-shop. However, in many cases spray is useless, and the hamster continues to gnaw the dwelling indifferently.

5. Pay attention from what party the hamster gnaws a cage. If he gnaws it from a door, then, perhaps, just wants to take a walk. Take out him from a cage and release to run about or put in a special walking sphere that then not to look for it. After the small animal gambols on freedom, again cage him, but turn it a door to a blank wall. Perhaps, then the interest of a hamster in cage rods will weaken a little.

6. Buy the new dwelling for a hamster: an aquarium or a terrarium, put pieces of wood and stones there. The hamster, of course, will not cease to gnaw everything from it, but you will almost not hear him.

7. If there is an opportunity, postpone to night a cage with a hamster to other room or to the bathroom. As a last resort, cover a cage with a dense blanket that though to muffle a little sounds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team