How to disaccustom a kitten to gnaw wires

How to disaccustom a kitten to gnaw wires

Game with electric wires belongs, perhaps, to the most dangerous entertainments of kittens. Unfortunately, many owners should face this problem. How to disaccustom a kitten to gnaw wires?


1. Check health kitten. According to veterinarians, desire to gnaw wires can be directly connected with his health. Make sure of lack of parasites at a kitten - make the corresponding tests. If they are positive, use special medicines which will be recommended by the veterinarian. Help the pet to cope with the trouble affecting his health. Buy vitamins for kittens which part taurine and iron are - it is possible, the kid just lacks some vitamins or minerals. Consult with the veterinarian and, if necessary change a forage.

2. Try to play as much as possible with a kitten. At least, minutes 20-30 in day. Perhaps, the kid has just an excess of energy and he tries to draw your attention. Take care of that the kitten had many toys.

3. Try to remove all wires from a zone of reach of your favourite. For these purposes it is possible to use special plastic a box or corrugated tubes. If nearby there are several wires, fasten them so that they were not shaken and did not draw with that attention of a kitten. If it is possible, rearrange furniture, having blocked it that cable which cannot be hidden. Remember that a game with wires can be deadly to your favourite.

4. Process a cable special "antigryziny", on sale in pet-shops. In the absence of special medicines it is possible to rub an electric wire with a crust of orange or a lemon. Also juice of an aloe or mix of liquid will be suitable for washing of ware with burning red pepper.

5. Give to a kitten special delicacies about which it is possible "to sharpen" teeth, - they are on sale practically in any pet-shop.

6. Firmly stop any attempts to gnaw a wire. As measures of "intimidation" it is possible to use the newspaper curtailed into a tubule or a spray with water. The last - is especially effective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team