How to disaccustom a puppy to bite

How to disaccustom a puppy to bite

All little puppies like to try on tooth not only things, but also the owner's hands. That biting did not become a habit, it is necessary to fight against it as the dog who got used to use teeth at children's age will hardly be disaccustomed to it in adulthood.


1. Let's begin with the fact that biting for a little puppy is a natural method of knowledge of the world around. As a rule, kids begin to taste things when they begin change of teeth. Also puppies use teeth during the games with other dogs and also at communication with people. To disaccustom a puppy to use teeth at a game with the person, it is necessary from the earliest age. It is amusing when the little puppy tries to growl and bite hands and legs, but when it is done by an adult dog, to you will have no time for jokes.

2. To disaccustom a puppy sharply to shout ""Foo!"". If the puppy played and does not react to increase in a voice, then it is possible to slap it in advance prepared newspaper. Thus you will not hurt the kid, but sharp cotton will be unpleasant to him.

3. As soon as the puppy ceased to bite you, at once praise him, give delicacy or switch its attention to a favourite toy.

4. It is possible to try also other method. As soon as the puppy bit you, at once stop a game, silently get up and leave the room. The puppy very quickly will understand that as soon as he tries to apply teeth, a game with the favourite owner at once comes to an end.

5. If your puppy by nature of dominants, then at his education it is necessary to try to avoid games which cause spirit of rivalry. For example, pulling of a rope or intended teasing of a dog.

6. Do not forget that at education of a puppy it is inadmissible to use brute physical force - it will only frighten the kid, and you lose so fragile dog trust. Give to education of the pet as much as possible attention, depends only on you what your dog will grow up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team