How to disaccustom an adult cat to mark

How to disaccustom an adult cat to mark

The nature created predators conquerors. And even the pet can do nothing with instincts. In turn, to owners this feature of cat's behavior delivers a great deal of trouble and can even lead to parting with the fallen in love animal. That to avoid it, the person needs to outwit an animal instinct of a cat.

Why cats mark the territory?

At cats the natural leader instinct is sharply developed. First of all it is expressed that the senior and most important individual notes the territory the smell. Having guessed it, other cats will know about local "marquis Karabas".

Being in the apartment in an environment of general caress and complaisance of owners, the cat by all means begins to feel like the leader of the territory. He perceives the apartment the possession, and himself – unconditional authority.

Quite often, it leads to emergence of tags. And, if at kittens this problem can be quickly fixed by means of castration, then for adult individuals such option does not work.

Also repair, re-planning and any other cardinal change of surrounding space can be the reasons. Quite often sharp emergence of tags is connected with problems with health of the pet therefore first of all it is better to address the veterinarian.

Fight for leadership – what should not be done

In case the favourite has no problems with health, it is necessary to enter fight for leadership. Having found in the house of a tag, you should not rub the nose of a cat and the more so to beat. And even the slightest physical impact the pet will apprehend shout aggressively. By rules of the nature of animals do not punish for tags therefore the cat will not understand emotions of the person. It is necessary to work by animal rules here.

Alpha male of the house

It is necessary to show to a cat that he is not an alpha male of the territory. For this cat it is necessary to take by the scruff, to lift above and several times slightly to wave in his party a hand, imitating cat's movements. It is important to hit not hard a cat, and the movement to show that he as the kitten, receives from "mom" slap in the face for offense.

Signal that the cat apprehended influence is its pose. The shamed and scared cat on weight bends a back, squints and puts the tail between the legs to a stomach. At this moment he can mew, and it is important that he not indignantly shouted at the owner – in this case he perceives actions of the person aggressively, and prosyashche mewed.

Further the owner has to hiss properly. At the same time it is important to imitate an aggressive call of cats and to look fool in the face to an animal. It is necessary to hiss loudly and several times in a row.

It is necessary to remove a tag by means of cleaners that even for cat's sense of smell in this place there is no animal secret left. It is better to make it several times by means of a large amount of water. And later, it is necessary to take some worn thing which then it will not be a pity to throw out – a house t-shirt, socks, tights or underwear. It is necessary to rub with this thing carefully dry the place of a tag and, perhaps, to leave for some time there. So on the place the smell of human is fixed.

Educational process

Cats perfectly feel falseness therefore if the animal does not believe in gravity of leader intentions of the person, then efforts will ruin. Positions of the leader should be supported. It is necessary to ask house always as it is possible to treat more tenderly the main alpha male in the house, not to shout and not to swear at its presence. Such house performance repeated from time to time will let a cat know that in this tribe there is already an owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team