How to disaccustom dogs to bite

How to disaccustom dogs to bite

If the dog begins to bite the owner, she thereby shows the superiority over it, trying to take the dominating position. Very important in such situation to show the hardness, severity and confidence and not to give in on provocation from a dog at all. However often the owner himself provokes a dog to stings.


1. There is one effective way which will help to disaccustom dogwith to bite. If during the game you were bitten by a puppy, it is necessary to interrupt quickly a game and to leave the room. It is not necessary to pay to a dog attention within 20-30 minutes. The puppy has to understand that because he bit you, he lost the companion for a game. The aspiration to bite, has to descend on "no".

2. Never it is necessary to shout and beat a dog, because of it she will bite even more painfully. If the dog began to growl or bite on you, then take it for withers and to press a muzzle to a floor. At the same time it is strict to glance in eyes and the lowered timbre it "is impossible" to tell. After that to depart and disregard it for 15-20 minutes.

3. Try to avoid aggressive games where the dog can bite you. But if the dog nevertheless bit you during the game, it is necessary to publish loud unpleasant squeal, she will understand that she bit you very strongly. Next time it will not squeeze so strongly a jaw. This method to use daily for the dogs who did not reach 4.5 months.

4. If the dog begins to growl and tries to bite you, take her for a muzzle and squeeze her jaws, thereby having immobilized it. This exercise repeats action of the leader who in pack bites a muzzle of the dog standing below on the status. Puppies or a small dog need to do exercise, you have to be sure that she will not escape and will not bite you.

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