How to dissolve protein

How to dissolve protein

Proteins draw attention with the mobility which they constantly need. Therefore they cannot be placed in a close cage at all. However this not only condition for successful cultivation of these bright representatives of a class of rodents.

It is required to you

  • - nut mixes;
  • - open-air cage;
  • - plywood box;
  • - children's dairy mix;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - milk.


1. For successful reproduction in bondage and viable posterity proteins need the spacious open-air cage. Establish it in that corner of the room which is opposite to a window. Place inside a high branched tree in a tub on which animals will be able to run. On a blank wall arrange for a nest a box with a round opening and a removable roof.

2. Provide to animals the good balanced food. The squirrel diet has to include the mixes consisting of walnut, cedar, hazelnuts and a small amount of peanut. It is necessary to give to proteins sunflower seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, a melon and watermelon. These components should not be salty or fried at all. Give nuts to animals crude, slightly crack a walnut shell. Feed up squirrels escapes and buds of deciduous trees in the spring. If it is possible, give to animals pine and fir cones. In the nature, besides vegetable, squirrels use also animal forages. Supporting a rodent in bondage, add to the main diet crude and boiled quail eggs, fish and beef bones, flour hearts. Constantly you monitor existence in the pure squirrel open-air cage.

3. For pairing choose the strong individuals who got used to each other. Place couple in the certain open-air cage, provide it privacy and rest. The period of rutting is necessary for the end of February and the beginning of March. Pregnancy of a squirrel lasts from 32 to 34 days. In one dung there can be from 2 to 12 baby squirrels. Newborns are so small that about their birth you will be able to recognize only by weak peep and a povizgivaniye, distributed from the squirrel dwelling. Do not disturb a female, constantly looking in a lodge.

4. During pregnancy of a squirrel and appearance of baby squirrels include cottage cheese and milk in her diet. You watch that products were fresh and do not forget to remove surplus of food. For feeding of young growth use children's dairy mix.

5. In one and a half months when baby squirrels begin to look out through an opening in a lodge, you can begin to feed them with own hand. This laborious occupation demanding great patience will allow you to tame baby squirrels. However do not stop feeding kids with milk to two-month age. On reaching this age when individuals already became adults, methodically you transfer them to the real forage for squirrels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team