How to distinguish a chicken from a cockerel

How to distinguish a chicken from a cockerel

It is rather simple to distinguish a rooster from chicken, but there are also exceptions when birds have no visual differences. Much more difficult the situation is with baby birds, they nearly one form and the size and especially do not differ in color. To find out who at you the head of the hen house, carry out the simple analysis of differences of birds.


1. Cockerels most often have a bright color, a high crest and long pads. Females, on the contrary, cannot brag of attractive appearance. If you have usual broilers or layers, then you can distinguish a rooster on these signs. At thoroughbred hens everything is slightly more difficult, "ladies" males have just the same coloring, as. But anyway, females more small than the soulmate (rooster). Therefore if all of them equally beautiful and motley, be guided by the size and length of pads.

2. If there are no external differences at all, then it is necessary only to observe. Track the one who crows in the mornings - only roosters can do it. It is also possible to calculate hens who rush. And during feeding look - the first approaches food always the head of the hen house, samochka some time stand apart until he invites them a peculiar sound to a feeding trough.

3. It is possible to notice that when gathering eggs the rooster can aggressively behave though hens at this moment are quite quiet and do not react in any way to the person who tries to ruin their nest. It is quite explainable, a rooster main, and he watches everything that occurs in the hen house.

4. There are also a little barbaric ways to distinguish birds on sex. For example, it is necessary to take a bird for pads and to lower headfirst. Roosters usually begin to resist and raise the head up. But also there are exceptions - everything depends on character of a bird, not always brisk and cocky - roosters. Samochki can stand for themselves too.

5. It is almost impossible to distinguish daily chickens. Buy them better on those poultry farms on which they are divided among themselves. Chickens are a little more expensive, than cockerels therefore if you take birds on meat, then choose males. It is possible to try to understand who is who if to put a chicken on a palm a back down. Samochki lie quietly and do not try to rise, and males show resistance. But kind of you did not try to distinguish them, nevertheless there is a probability share that you are mistaken.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team