How to distinguish a female of a humpback salmon from a male

How to distinguish a female of a humpback salmon from a male

Sometimes, buying an ungutted humpback salmon in shop, you can receive together with tasty fish a bonus about 200-250 grams of red caviar. Some buyers consciously give preference to the whole fish in hope for a pleasant surprise. At the beginning of spawning when there is a catching of fish, about ten males are the share of one samochka therefore chances to receive a treasured delicacy are not really high, but if to learn to distinguish a male of a humpback salmon from a female, caviar on your table will be much more often. And it is absolutely free.


1. Do not try to choose fish, proceeding from her sizes. Whatever spoke to you, in the nature there is no regularity in sizes of a female and male of a humpback salmon. Deviations both in that, and in other party meet. Though females seldom reach too large sizes. Their weight is usually approximate to average 1.2 - 1.8 kg. And here males can be and very big, and very modest sizes.

2. Pay attention to coloring of fish. As usual in the nature, males are painted more brightly, than females. The male of a humpback salmon possesses brighter coloring, and samochka scales usually ordinary-looking, greyish, with less expressed color transitions.

3. If to put a number of a male and a female it is visible that body outlines at a male more predatory, rough, the carcass is stronger extended, and at a back very often there is a noticeable hump. This outgrowth also gave the name to this look. Contours of a body of a female smooth, roundish.

4. Carefully it is obviously possible to compare fish in shop seldom because the fresh-frozen fish covered with hoarfrost or the frozen ice goes on sale, as a rule.

5. Attentively examine the head of the chosen fish. Males are forced to fight for a female during spawning therefore the head of a male looks more predatory. Thanks to evolution the males of a humpback salmon got the extended curved jaws and large teeth. The samochka head short, roundish, jaws equal are also not bent up as strongly, as at a male. The nose of a female, in comparison with a nose of a male, seems stupid.

6. Besides the head pay attention to a tail fin. The tail of a male seems to shorter because it is almost equal. The back fin of a female is more extended in length as it needs big maneuverability during spawning.

7. If to take a detached view of a humpback salmon of a muzzle, it is possible to note that a trunk of a male more flat. Sides and backs of a female seem better well-fed.

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