How to distinguish a female of a parrot

How to distinguish a female of a parrot

The female of a parrot differs from a male a little therefore it is possible to distinguish them on sex after all. The main difference - color of a voskovitsa, here on her it is also necessary to draw the corresponding conclusions. Voskovitsa - area without feathers around nostrils of a bird. Buying parrots, pay attention to it if you get same-sex, further there will be problems, parrots are pair birds, they need the partner in life.


1. The light fringing at females is observed at the earliest age. At males during this period it has lilac color therefore to mix birds very difficult. Color of a voskovitsa strikingly differs, but be attentive and specify at the seller which of them the boy and who the girl.

2. Approximately at four-months age the female changes color of a voskovitsa for blue which in the subsequent brightens. Buying parrots of different age, do not mix, after lilac color a neoperenny part of nostrils gains blue color from males and more changes are not observed. At females on the contrary, a color of a voskovitsa still unstable.

3. Gradually the voskovitsa begins to darken and gains ordinary-looking brown color. She will not change this color any more, and here the adult male will have her blue color, in it and the main difference consists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team