How to distinguish a guinea pig of a male from a female

How to distinguish a guinea pig of a male from a female

Usually guinea pig as a pet is got in houses where children grow up. This quite quiet animal who does not do harm to the owners. Veterinarians recommend to buy pigs at the age of four-six weeks – they already received necessary maternal milk and can independently live. If you are not ready to cultivation of pets, take one small animal or a same-sex couple. It is important to distinguish a sex of a guinea pig in due time.


1. adultmaleguinea pigfrom a femaleIt is possible to distinguish on some external signs. Usually animal male larger, differ in high withers and strong frame. Existence of a number of nipples – not an indicator as they are present both at "men", and at "women". At cubs (and they first of all are also bought for domestication) it is more difficult to define sex.

2. Turn a little small animal (and is more senior than three-week age) pads top, reliably holding for a back. Then consider its Y-shaped sexual crack and an anus. At females the distance between them is much more, than at males. Compare among themselves different individuals until among them animals meet obvious differences.

3. Delay a tail of a guinea pig down and press a fingertip (at first it is very easy, then is slightly more feasible) into place near an anus. At kids males at the same time the small camber (reproductive organ) which at top of a Y-shaped crack acts in the form of a point is felt.

4. Respectively, if you see a vaginal opening, then before you "girl". This body in appearance also reminds letter Y directed by "leg" to a tail. The vagina of a mumps will be spaced from an anus approximately at distance 2 mm. At its top you will not find a point camber.

5. At last, it is possible to delay with care a thin skin of external genitals of a guinea pig towards a belly. You will see the most part of a mucous membrane at a female or her small area and a small penis of a male – it will finally confirm sex of your future pet (alumna).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team