How to distinguish a kenar from a canary

How to distinguish a kenar from a canary

Domestic canaries are popular first of all because of the wonderful singing. The trained birds are capable to give masterly passages, striking with the range. As a rule, such abilities only males - kenara have, females try a voice extremely seldom and do not achieve considerable success in a vocal. If you want to lodge in a nature corner of the winged singer or to be engaged in cultivation of birds, it is important to define a sex of the pet precisely.


1. Try to hear the song of a young kenar as vocal skills are considered as its main sexual difference. However it is necessary to wait when to a baby bird more than half a year is executed. By 4th months at these birds the juvenile molt comes to an end, and they gain strength. Kids (both males, and females) can publish shy trills therefore unmistakably to define their sex extremely difficult. Besides, some cockerels begin to sing at the top of the voice only by a year.

2. Observe the matured birds. Kenar always shows bigger interest in singing, each time "plays music" more and more loudly and diversifies the repertoire. Pay attention as strongly at the same time his throat is inflated. In rare instances also the chicken can master singing, but her roulades do not differ in beauty and wealth. The neck of a female is not inflated; more habitual sounds for it – peep, whistling and cooing.

3. Try to distinguish a kenar from a canary female on external signs. Usually the tail of "girls" is a little shorter. Carefully turn a bird top a belly and blow on feathers in the lower part of a stomach. At female birds the foul place looks flat; "boys" have it convex, has the form of a small cylinder. If to carry out under a tail of a cockerel, it it will become active to resist; the chicken will "bashfully" draw in paws. However, the described way of sex determination of a canary does not give a 100% guarantee.

4. If the refined song, then a canary female – her first egg helps to define a kenar. In the second half of March prepare a nested cage or observe birds at the manufacturer. Birds (among whom presumably there are couples) have to fly freely about the room or in the open-air cage. An important condition for normal "marriage" - age of birds from 11-18 months to 4 years and good health.

5. Before the reproduction period you will see that the behavior of pets sharply changed – they begin to show concern, to rush promptly one after another. If couple is formed, the male will begin to feed up the girlfriend, and that will begin to open a beak obediently. "Bride" makes sounds of an appeal and often squats on a pole.

6. After successful "wedding" future hen will surely prove – it begins to collect material for a nest and to sit down; on her paunch the high temple with pronounced blood vessels – a nasedny spot appears. At last, approximately in a week you can find the first egg in a cage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team