How to distinguish a kitten a cat from a cat

How to distinguish a kitten a cat from a cat

Sex determination often causes difficulties in kittens: genitals at kids are hardly noticeable. And to be guided by existence or lack of "cambers" it is useless: the scrotum at little cats is often almost indiscernible, but newborn kitties under an anus can have swellings. Therefore, defining a sex of a kitten, it is necessary to be guided not by the size, and by a form and a relative positioning of genitals.


1. It is better to define a sex at the newborn who is not fluffed up a kitten yet in that case the urinogenital openings which are not covered with a fluffy hair to distinguish much more simply.

2. Take a kitten on a palm, put him on a stomach and accurately raise a tail. Under it you will see two openings. Directly under a tail the back pass which looks equally both at males, and at the self-check and reminds a point is located.

3. At a kitty slightly below than an anus the vulva is located. In a form she reminds a vertical crack and settles down close to an anus. In general the structure of genitals of a kitten girl reminds the turned exclamation mark (or the letter "i").

4. At males the picture is a little another: the urethral opening at them round, is also located much below. At kittens of the first month of life the distance from anal to an urethral opening makes about a centimeter. In a form the genitals of a kitten boy are most of all similar to the sign of a colon. Sometimes between these "points" it is possible to grope a finger small swellings: it is the formed scrotum. But kids aged up to one and a half months can have it absolutely imperceptible.

5. In certain cases the sex of a kitten can be defined on a color. Tortoise (three-colored) animals – practically always cats as it is necessary for emergence of such color that X-chromosomes the animal had two. At kittens boys the tortoise color happens only seldom or never genetic disorders, and such animals are sterile. And the chestnut color without spots and drawings meets at cats more often, but nevertheless happens also at cats. Therefore it is impossible to consider ryzhest sign of a cat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team