How to distinguish a Persian cat from cats of other breeds

How to distinguish a Persian cat from cats of other breeds

Cats of different breeds differ from each other in appearance, character, habits, a behavior manner. If you look for for yourself not choosy, friendly, clever fluffy friend, look narrowly at ""Siberians"". It is not difficult to distinguish a Persian cat from cats of other breeds at all.


1. Persian cats are very strong, strong and brawny animals. Thanks to natural origin of this breed, ""Siberians"" have excellent health. Cats, as a rule, are slightly larger than cats.

2. If you pay attention to paws of a Persian cat, then will notice that they pretty powerful and big, and between their fingers wool grows. Tail of a Persian cat very long and fluffy. Its width gradually decreases from the basis to a tip.

3. The Persian cat differs from cats of other breeds in rather big head, in a form reminding a trapeze. A top of the head of ""Siberians"" flat, and a forehead low, smoothly passing to a straight line and rather wide back of a nose. The nose of a Persian cat has average length. If you accurately probe cheekbones and a chin of an animal, then will feel that they form the roundish line. Also Persian cats differ in a short neck, long mustache and eyebrows.

4. In comparison with cats of other breeds the ears of ""Siberians"" reach average size. They are a little inclined forward, and their tips are rounded off. At the majority of Persian cats on tips of ears you can notice naughty brushes.

5. Pay attention to eyes of Persian cats. They roundish and slightly slanting. Color of eyes of animals of this breed can be yellow or green. And only a color points and white ""Siberians"" can brag of celestial-blue eyes. At white Persian cats you can notice different color of eyes.

6. Persian cats treat long-haired animals. It is possible to distinguish them from other cat breeds on smart ""collar"" and magnificent ""panties"".

7. The color of a Persian cat can be any, except chocolate, burmezsky and lilac. Cats of a color a color point can be called "Nevsky masquerade". Wool on a trunk at such cats light, and ears, paws, a tail and a mask on a muzzle – dark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team