How to distinguish a puppy of a sheep-dog

How to distinguish a puppy of a sheep-dog

The existing high demand on German shepherds who are famous for the character and office qualities increases the probability that the puppy bought by you at two-month age will be an ordinary mongrel or the metis. You will be able to distinguish a puppy of a sheep-dog from a good family tree on some external signs and features of character.


1. If the question of purity of breed is essential to you, buy a puppy from the checked manufacturers or in the clubs specializing in cultivation of this breed. Choose his parents, pokhodiv on exhibitions, having communicated to other owners of "Germans". When you did not choose a dog, try to determine her belonging to breed by external signs.

2. At half-month age the puppy of a sheep-dog has to be harmoniously developed and have a compact constitution. By two months it will be rather large, and ears, paws and a tail at it can begin to increase disproportionately. They can seem even too long and big. Especially owners are confused by a tail – it can hang down almost to the earth. Already at early age the German shepherds are perfectly trained. Puppies are bright, easily give in to training and derive obvious pleasure from classes with the owner.

3. At three-months age the puppies of a sheep-dog are especially clumsy and disproportionate – joints on forepaws can be strongly increased, and hind legs – too long. It frightens many owners and causes their suspicion, but just and belongs to features of development of this breed. All these seeming shortcomings already to half a year will smooth out and will become imperceptible. Study the table for tracking measurements of a puppy of a German shepherd who is brought in the book by O.V. Zykina. "German shepherd" also check on her your pet.

4. One more sign of breed are standing ears. Approximately by 3 months at sheep-dogs they begin to rise. But it is not rigid term, it can vary from 5 weeks to 4 months. By this time the auricle of a puppy has to become heavy, increase in sizes. Posts of ears it is formed gradually, at first they can keep "lodge" and be filled up on one side, but by 6 months they have to stand already well.

5. To seven-months age the German shepherd has noticeable a characteristic cheprachny color. On the addition to this age the puppy becomes already similar to an adult dog, and it is possible to draw conclusions about its compliance to requirements of an exterior. Look at descriptions of this breed, the photo of German shepherds. Compare them to the dog and draw conclusions as far as it is similar to a standard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team