How to distinguish a sex of krasnoukhy turtles

How to distinguish a sex of krasnoukhy turtles

Krasnoukhy turtles treat such pets which behavior is of great interest when they live group in 3-4 individuals. At the same time in many respects the behavior of an individual of a krasnoukhy turtle depends on her sex. To distinguish a samochka and a male, take our advice.


1. In development krasnoukhyof turtles it is conditionally possible to allocate two periods: before achievement of puberty and after it. Up to 6-8 summer age to which krasnoukhy turtles usually reach puberty to understand who is who, it is quite difficult as secondary sexual characteristics are not developed yet. If the turtle interesting you did not reach the specified age, it is necessary to be guided on quite not expressed and comparative signs which can vary not only between individuals of a different floor, but also to be more or less expressed at same-gender individuals. These are the following signs: The tail at males is usually longer, than at the self-check. At the same time the foul place the self-check is almost under the top surface of an armor (carapace), and the foul place of males is considerably removed from it.

2. The plastron (belly surface of an armor) at males a little concave that allows a male to keep on a female during pairing, at the self-check concavity of a plastron is not observed or is not expressed.

3. The distance between a carapace and a plastron in a back part of an armor at the self-check is more, than at males. It is caused by the fact that the armor the self-check is adapted for postponement of eggs.

4. Muzzles of males often are more pointed, than at the self-check.

5. Samochki are usually larger than males.

6. The behavior of males is noticeable more active and aggressive, than at the self-check.

7. If, having studied all these signs, nevertheless it is difficult to you to define independently a sex of a young turtle, ask for the help the expert in this area.

8. On the contrary, determination of sex of an adult krasnoukhy turtle is possible: on reaching puberty the males have the most important distinctive sign - long claws on front pads. At the self-check the claws remain the usual size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team